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Ok, this must be asked. Panthro: Why the mutton chops? Was it just to make him look older? Cause I admit he does look much younger without him on the flashback. Or did you just want to do something different with him?

Okay… Panthro, you really wanna know?

The point to Panthro’s looks was to step away from the pretty cookie cutter hero type. I wanted to convey a bad ass with faults. It’s easy to be a clean cut, good looking guy hero. This Panthro is imperfect, weathered, scared, broken. I like the fact Hulk Hogan has a receding hair line, does that make him weak? Like Hogan, his charm wins over his imperfections. Besides if you look, Panthro’s hair is reminiscent of a Samurai’s cut. This infers a sense of tradition and harbors strong personal values like honor, loyalty, and duty.

Traditionally, in Japanese film you may see hero’s with a toothpick in their mouth, this isn’t just to clean teeth. Often samurai would put it in their mouth to signify they we’re full so people wouldn’t offer food to them. Even if starving, they nobly did this so others who were suffering would eat. This is a round about way to say the haircut was part of that thinking.

Besides, Panthro was steeped in martial arts more than the others in the old version. So, the haircut is very samurai inspired to carry on the Asian influence.

  1. hangesnose said: That’s…really interesting. :o
  2. paintuspoopy said: That is very cool!
  3. drthmaul-moved said: This is exactly why I love you guys, and the new show! It’s really obvious that you folks are putting a lot of thought into things, instead of just doing what would look cool. And as a viewer, I appreciate that! <3 Keep up the excellent work!
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