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Thanks for the follow! I've been a TCats fan for years, even though I'm a little too young to have watched the original series until it re-aired later. I can't even begin to describe how crazy-excited I was to hear about the reboot, and I was in heaven while watching the premiere. Amazing job guys, seriously.

I was wondering if you could tell us the ages of the characters? Lion-o seems like an older teen to me, and Tygra/Cheetara look to be in their early twenties.

ll numbers are based on EST. (Earth Standard Time)






Mumm-ra=Older than dirt.

Snarf= Who cares. It’s Snarf!!!

  1. kungfu-candy said: "Panthro=Dead Mumm-ra=Older than dirt. Snarf= Who cares. It’s Snarf!!!" I only say "LoL" when I actually did laugh out loud. So yes. LOL! xD
  2. kathesaur said: Wait PANTHRO’S DEAD? Excuse me while I go cry in a dark corner. u_u
  3. crewofomens posted this
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