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I first saw ThunderCats on Toonami when I was young, and I love the direction you're going with the new one! I even made my own fan intro.

One question, why can't we see the Thunder Kittens ears? Are they just hidden by their hair? It reminds me of how they were drawn in the original.

As we wanted to diversify the cat races (and other animals species). My
approach was to give some tails and also make the ears different. For
WilyKit and Kat, the points of their hair is actually the tips of their
ears. That’s right, the whole part of their head is their ear.

The fur along the side of their head is, well, ear hair. So when you see Kit tie up her ponytail it’s actually pinning her ears back. My hope was that we could use the animal characteristics of putting the ears back when scared or threatened or perking one up when trying to listen would be interesting for a more dynamic character trait. Especially for comedy.

While we’re here let me explain the tails a bit. Again, I thought it would be cool to introduce social class stigmas amonst the thunderan people. Having been born with a tail in some opinion would be considered less evolved. A birth defect if you will. But as a design element, like a cape, the tail can give a sense of direction on a stagnant pose or give a sense of direction or movement to the arc line of the pose. In real life, cats tails can tell us more about the emotion of the animal. For example if it’s sitting still the tail may be swatting with a thump (which from watching my cat) meaning it’s going to pounce in a moment. Or when it slumps shows the cat is relaxed.

There is also the play that the tail helps with the balance of the cat, since the kids are like the acrobats of the group, I wanted to keep that aspect. Hope this give some insight…


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