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Is that thing Tygus wears an eyepatch (cause he's missing an eye or is blind) or is it some sort of goggle to help him see/aim?

It’s more of an enhancement. Like Snake in MGS.

I was Just curious whether or not the bird that appeared in the episode, "The Duelist and the Drifter" was actually Mumm-Ra? We've seen him transform into a bird in about 3 episodes and thought this was the writer's way to incorporate Mumm-Ra into an episode without him being the main villain, yet still showing that he is keeping track of what the ThunderCats are doing. Just a thought! Thanks!

Oh! That never hit us. The bird was not Mumm-ra in “Duelist and the Drifter.” We were just paying homage to the Spaghetti Western genre to be honest.

Hey guys! Just wondering about episode titles, a fellow fan posted this list over at TCatslairdotorg, but the source is a wiki. 014 New Alliances December 2, 2011

015 Trials of Lion-O; Part-1 December 9, 2011

016 Trials of Lion-O; Part-2 December 9, 2011

017 Native Son December 16, 2011

018 Survival of the Fittest January 6, 2012

019 The Pit January 13, 2012

This among other titles and dates are listed. This legit? Thanks for your time.

Sounds about right.

Was the character of "Snipps" inspired by the character of the same name from the Rankin-Bass spot-motion special, "Jack Frost"? I was wondering because of the snowflakes.


Where are all the "other" Thundercats? Even if Mumm-ra's and Grune's attack was devestating, but not ALL the city's cats were "wiped out." Where are they? Will we see any of them soon?

On Third Earth. :)

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the work that you've put into the lore, the characters... almost everything about the new Thundercats. I haven't been this excited over an animated series in a long time. I hope we'll get to see more background stories for the other cats :)


so how did Grune touch the sword without being electrocuted like mumm-ra was in the premiere?

deducing the laws of SOO….that would mean…?

Probably unanswerable, but any chance of dark doppelgangers, evil twins, mirror universes, Jedi-like trials facing inner demons, or evil astral versions of good characters?

Nice try!

can you tell us anything about the two minute shorts? not spoilers, but more general things about them. there's one listed on CN's website called Snarf: Butterflies Blues and I remember Larry Kenney talking about working on one in an interview. are they little pieces of story you couldn't fit into an episode? how many shorts are planned?

Snardf snarf snarf snarf story snarf snarf snarf before series snarf snarf watch for cameo snarf snarf not canon snarf snarf

So, Tygra's green armor . . . why the change from the lightweight blue clothing to such heavy battle gear? I realize you probably cannot give me a direct answer, but was there a reason for it?

there is a reason.