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Yay! you're answering questions again! Anyway I was wondering if there was any particular significance to Tygra's bracelet. I noticed Javan was wearing it in his flashback and then it was in Tygra's air balloon basket. Is it a family heirloom? or what?

Yes, it’s a family heirloom passed down from Javan to Tygra. We designed it to work with Tygra’s new whip!

I absolutely love the show so far (I even have my nephew watching it, and he loves it too), and I really love the addition made to the tank. Seems to make it into a mobile cat's lair of sorts. Though I was wondering, is the addition to the Thundertank permanent? or will it be able to detach, in-case they need to leave the addition behind, and just move on with the original tank?

Yes 3x.

So I've heard rumors that Pumyra and Bengali will be joining the cast this season. Any truth to this? (ohdeargodlettherebetruthtothis;_;)


Stay tuned for more Cat Action!

Is there any background story on Tygra's pistol attachments? Were they like, Berbil upgrades or did he confiscate the parts from a Lizard battalion?

Both. The idea was Tygra originally stole the gun from the Lizard’s in episode 1. Never returning it….
As the show progressed, the Berbils helped make the other attachments on his gun.

Does Claudus' wife have a name?

Unfortunately not, we just called her The Queen.



Hello, a bit of the big question that maybe Fridge Horror for some. In Sight Beyond Sight, a bunch of elephants went into the hut and seemingly went into the Astral Plane. In Between Brothers, the Astral Plane collapsed when the Spirit Stone was taken. So my question, what happened to those elephants? Did they go to same dreaded place that Grune and Panthro's arms went to? :(

Elephants weren’t in the Astral Plane, nor is it destroyed.

Will we learn more about the ancestors showcased in "Legacy?" That was a fantastic back story!


The season finale was epic! I'm glad things worked out for the Trio. In retrospect, there was plenty of foreshadowing things would go as they did. And I don't think Lion-O NEEDS quite as much personal encouragement as he's been getting. He's already gotten a lot more confident in his ability, leadership role, and mission, since he was just after Thundera fell. Good job, guys. You are awesome!


The following characters didn't have voices listed in the credits. Is there anyway you guys can confirm who did the voices for them? Tygus, Lynx-O, Koinelius Tunar, Khamai, Kask, Sauro or any of the swordsmen from the Duelist/Drifter?

The wikipedia is spot on about the voice cast list.