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Was Dobo based on the Wildstorm comic villain Doberlord?


Need an artist? ^.^ ... hey, was worth a shot. >>

Nice try. ;)

Are the rats from Mumm-Ra's ship like the cat and dogs and lizards are, or are they native to Third Earth?

They’re from Mumm-ra’s ship.

So if Jaga was alive when Ratilla was (and He was Ratar-O's ancestor), just how old IS Jaga? Dude has to be ancient.

Very. :)

Will we see Dobo again?


How much did the Berbils add to the new Thundertank? Do the Cats have actual places to sleep and cook now?

A lot, the Sabertank attachment is suppose to be a mobile base and housing unit. Hopefully, we can post our designs from the interiors soon!

Hi, uh this is pretty much the first time I've used Tumbr for anything other than randomly trawling through images but after watching the newest episode I have to know. Is Kat and Kit's mother still alive along with their younger siblings or are they, as they have been portrayed so far, actual orphans? While I'm here let me also thank you all for all the hard work you've put into this series thus far. P.S are there any plans for the toy line and DVDs be released in New Zealand?

Yes, Kit/Kat’s mother and siblings are still alive.

Will Panthro eventually get more backstory? Such as how he survived his encounter with Grune in Mumm-ra's pyramid and how he acquired the Thundertank.

You’ll learn something about Panthro in this week’s episode!

I know that the Queen never got an official name (But "Leona" seems to have been kicked around a lot) but do the parents and siblings of WilyKit and Kat have names at all, even unofficially?

No names for the parents and siblings too. Unofficially, we just called them Kit/Kat Dad and Mom.

Will we hear any Cats use "whiskers" again? And will we eventually hear "by Jaga"? 'Cause that'd be freakin' awesome.


By Jaga-No