Thundercats Crew Blog

May 23

joshkelton asked: When did Panthro's incarceration in The Pit take place? Was this before or after his search for the book of omens?


jimwelch88 asked: Just wanted to say that I loved the reference to Ma-Mutt via the jewelry store's security dogs. I like to call them the Ma-Mutt Security Force. Though I was wondering, is there any chance you would work in one of them as Mumm-Ra's pet later on in the show?

Unfortunately, the security dogs were not a reference to Ma-Mutt. Sorry.

joshkelton asked: Do Wilykit / Wilykat get to keep the forever bag?


May 14

balgus82 asked: Will we ever see Sauro, Khamai, and Kask again, or did they all die in the fire in episode 4?

Not for the rest of this season. They did not die in the fire. So, they’re around somewhere on Third Earth.

balgus82 asked: Did Leo have a different VA this episode than in Legacy? That didn't sound like Will Friedle.

Yes. Leo had a different VA. Since this time, the story wasn’t being told through Lion-O’s perspective.

joshkelton asked: Is the Sabertank attachment detachable from the Thundertank, or is it now a permanent fixture?


curiousfan69 asked: Will we be seeing more of Pumyra after The Forever Bag?

Yup! She’ll be around for a bit.

May 07

jasonamous asked: The red crystals sticking out of Mount Plun-Darr, by chance, are they Thundrainium? If not, does such a concept as ThunderCat Kryptonite exsist in the modern show?

Yup! That is Thundrillium you see protruding out of the mountain. 

Maybe some cat nip is the Thundercat’s kryptonite? 


May 06

thatdorkyguy asked: Were "The Pit," "Curse of Ratilla," and "Birth of the Blades" planned as one long narrative? Because so far it feels that way. How about cutting them all into a direct-to-DVD movie?

Yes it was planned as an arc in the series. Probably not.

balgus82 asked: Dobo said Thundera trained their soldiers well when referring to Pumyra. Does that mean she's a former soldier? Also is she still a medic this time around?

Yes and no.